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Personalized Cookie Boxes and Cookie Tins – A Great Gift Idea For Your Next Cookie Bake Sale or Party

If you are hosting a cookie bake sale or party, custom cookie boxes and cookie tins can be an effective way to reward your guests. You can design and personalize them in any way you choose, and your cookies will look and taste just like the real thing.

Cookie boxes are easy to make. All you need is a standard 6×6 baking pan and a few simple household supplies, such as white paper, a single cookie-cutter, a couple of colors of crayons, and a bag of molds. You can add embellishments to customize your cookie box, including stickers, a picture of a favorite celebrity, and your name.

Cookie tins may also be made, using the same basic box and coloring scheme. The problem with a cookie tin is that they tend to become moldy as they age. You have two options for protecting your tins. First, you can buy a jar liner that will keep your tins from absorbing any moisture; alternatively, you can paint the lid with a clear coat finish, preventing it from fading and cracking.

Regardless of which type of Custom Cookie boxes you use, you should store your cookie jars and tins in a cool, dry place. If you choose to store them outdoors, you should put them in a covered box (such as a shoebox) or on a bookcase. Avoid storing them in front of a window, where they will be exposed to the elements.

As a decoration, cookie boxes and tins work very well, especially if you include a picture of a celebrity, a joke, or a poem. You can also make your own or purchase pre-made custom cookie boxes and tins at craft and cookie stores. You may wish to visit a bakery shop on your next trip to the grocery store to see what the newest design trends are, and to get a new idea for your cookie jars and tins.

Custom Cookie boxes and tins are also a fun and inexpensive way to provide personalized souvenirs for your children and grandchildren. They are good conversation starters when guests visit the event. Also, you can give each guest a pre-made cookie box with their names on it, then provide the molds to make their own personalized cookies. This will provide a small but affordable gift that will be treasured for years to come.

And don’t forget, cookie jars and tins are both practical and fun. They are great for storing leftovers for later or for storing tiny decorative items that will only be seen once. You can store cellophane wrappers in them, as well as holiday decorations, recipes, cards, and other special treasures.

Cookies and cookie jars are fun, and custom cookie boxes and tins are practical and fun. Whether you choose to use them as a giveaway or decorate them for a party, custom cookie boxes and cookie tins are a fun way to ensure your guests remember your party for years to come. Now, I hope you’ll think about adding these gift ideas to your annual cookie bake sale or party.

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