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Difference between Single sided LED Tube and double sided Led Tube

LED tube is a type of LED lamp which is used in fluorescent tube luminaires with G5 and G13 bases for replacing traditional fluorescent tubes. As compared to fluorescent tubes, energy efficiency and long service life are the most important benefits of LED tubes. Sometimes they are also referred as ‘LED fluorescent tubes’, but since the light actually comes from LED components and the tubes contain no fluorescent substance, ‘LED tube’ is more correct.

Fluorescent lamps, or fluorescent linear tubes as they are also known, are categorized according to their wattage, shape and diameter.

Single-Ended LED Tube

Ballast bypass” lamp is the other name of the single-ended LED T8 tube. They mitigate the need for an external installation of the driver or ballast. They have line as well as neutral pins on one single side of the lamp. For new construction installations, it is require to simply connecting the 120 or 277 line voltage directly to the one live end (input end) lamp holder. The other side end is basically a non-electrified lamp holder because no electricity has been fed to that end. For retrofit installations, bypass the existing ballast by cutting the wires and connecting the 120 or 277 line voltage directly to the input lamp holder on the single end. They can only be operated on non-shunted sockets. But the socket are  in T8 fluorescent instant start fixtures but are not in older F40T12 fluorescent troffers before the installation of the single-ended LED tube it is require to install the non-shunted sockets. A single-ended LED lamp is a lamp that has the live and neutral pins on the same side of the lamp. This end will be the “Input” end. If the lamp is being installed as a retrofit into a fluorescent fixture, you will need to replace the fluorescent, shunted lamp holders (also called tombstones) with non-shunted lamp holders on one side of the fixture. Single-ended LED lamps that will be installed by direct-wire do not use a ballast to be operational. If the lamp is being used in a retrofit, the ballast will need to be removed and the lamp holders replaced.

 Double sided LED tube is a double-ended tube. A double sided LED tube is a tube that has the live and neutral pins on the opposite side of each lamp. Fluorescent lamps are typically double-ended as well, making retrofit applications easier to complete with double sided LED tube. Double-ended lamps use shunted lamp holders, so that the two contact pins on the live side of the lamp are shorted together, creating no voltage difference between the pins.

The DEBB can be used with shunted or un shunted lamp holders. When upgrading to LED lamps, customers have the option to utilize their existing lamp holders, helping to reduce the average retrofit installation time. The Commercial DEBB functions without a ballast, minimizing points of failure and requiring less maintenance. A double sided LED tubeT8 tube has line and neutral pins on each end of the lamp. Since fluorescent linear lamps are typically double-ended, the installation of double-ended lamps can be easier. Typically, double-ended lamps use shunted lamp holders, although some of the new combo units use shunted or non-shunted sockets. Shunted sockets are used in these applications because you want the two contact pins on the live end to be shorted together, so they are both receiving line voltage. When installing both the double-ended and single-ended LED tube lamps, be sure to check our wiring diagram for LED tube lights

T8 led tube lamp diameter of 26mm, T5 lamp diameter size of 16mm, The tube light is more finer, it is more efficient.(one “T” is 1/8 inch, one “inch” is 25.4mm). The average tube T5 lamp is shorter 5CM compared to T8 tube,(length is not the same, the interface is not the same). T5 LED Tube is brighter and more energy efficient than T8 .Because of diameter of LED light T5 is more than T8, tubes filled with inert gas atoms and electrons generated by the elastic collision. The T5 LED Tube tends to be shorter both in length and in diameter as well. This factor is important to consider when looking at your fixture since a T8 LED Tube will not fit in a fixture designed for use strictly with T5 bulbs and vice versa. Another factor that separates these two bulbs would be the output capabilities. For example, a T5 LED Tube will usually yield around 5000 lumens per lamp with a wattage consumption of around 54 watts per lamp whereas a T8 will offer 3000 lumens with an average wattage of 32 watts per bulb. When considering this difference between the two bulb options, it is also good to keep in mind the needs of your location. If you do not need as many lumens, a smaller T8 will be the better choice since it offers lower lumen and watt consumption. If you need higher levels of lighting, the T5 might be ideal for your situation.When choosing bulbs of this sort, you have several other options you need to consider as well. For instance, both T5 as well as T8 LED Tubes are available in various rendering of colors. This factor plays just as big a role as the lumen output. For example, if you are considering a lamp type for an office setting, you will naturally want to select a lower lumen output, a warmer color index, or perhaps both, depending on the area. Office settings tend to create complaints when a too powerful lighting solution in a too cool color is utilized. Once you have decided the color rendering and lumen needs, deciding between a T5 LED Tube and a T8 LED Tube fixture will be much easier to navigate since the main difference rests mainly in their size and output.

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