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Recessed lighting

Recessed light

Recessed lighting is a significant way without taking up space to ad illumination o any room because these are the lights which are installed inside a ceiling wall as well as other surface directly. Recessed lighting is divided in to three in to the three main parts in which includes housing, bulb and trim. As far as housing is concerned, it is hidden inside the ceiling and it is the bulk of the fixture and it has electric connections with the fixture. Beside this, Trim is widely used for the decoration perspective because it is the visible part of the fixture and it includes shades, baffles as well reflectors. The last part of recessed lights is bulb which produces the light. These days recessed lighting are becoming very much famous because recessed lighting makes a room feel bigger that’s why these lights are considerable popular in the rooms which are small in size to feel more spacious.

The latest type of the recessed lights which plays vital role these days is LED recessed lighting. It provides the same benefits of traditional down lights, but there are some more benefits which can only LED recessed lighting can be provided in which includes they are efficient in providing required energy and they are cool . Dimmable is the most crucial advantage of the LED recessed lighting. People use widely the dimmable LED recessed lighting because it helps to adjust the mood as well as atmosphere. It also save energy and it extends the average lifespan of the bulbs that’s why people prefer dimmable LED recessed lighting considerably. LED recessed lights are completely dimmable and have no flickering. Separate dimmer switches are installed with the LED for different zones of lighting. Dimmable LED recessed lighting is substantially used in the commercial and residential because it is handy application.

How many pot lights do I need?

Well this is very much crucial as well as substantial for those people who really want to ask, this query of the people can be solved easily by measuring the room , it is very much necessary for the people to measure their room or space first where they want to install the LED recessed lights. This is an important rule to keep in mind when you are going to measure quantity of the pot of lights  is that one recessed light is used for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space by doing this provides even, overall illumination. Other important layout which are need to be considered for the kitchen lighting is to place lights around the perimeter of the room which aimed at the countertop edges, the lights will be illuminated counter work areas or the sink, and avoid creating shadows by people standing at the counters working. Place the recessed down lights 12″ apart from each other and 12″ to 18″ away from the cabinets to illuminate counter areas. Please keep in your mind that these are basic kitchen lighting ideas and the exact placement of lights will be depended on the unique space of the room.

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