Les différences entre ampoule DEL et ampoules classiques

Le choix d’une ampoule est une étape cruciale dans la mise en place de votre éclairage d’intérieur et d’extérieur. Et différents choix se présentent sur le marché même si l’ampoule DEL tend maintenant à se démocratiser. Vous pouvez de nos jours un modèle à LED pour tous les autres types d’ampoules traditionnels – comme l’ampouleContinue reading “Les différences entre ampoule DEL et ampoules classiques”

LED tube installation guide

LED tubes or retro-fit tube lights have taken over fluorescent tubes over the last decade and rightly so for several reasons being the economically more durable option in all commercial or household settings. They use less energy as compared to fluorescent tubes which requires up to 58W. Initially costly, but with little or no maintenanceContinue reading “LED tube installation guide”

Qu’est-ce que la lumière encastrable ?

La lumière encastrable est ce luminaire qui peut être installé dans l’ouverture creuse d’un plafond. Après l’installation d’une lumière encastrable, celui-ci semble éclairer depuis le trou d’un plafond diffusant une lumière vers le bas et concentrée par un spot étroit ou un large projecteur. Une lumière encastrable est composée de trois parties, à savoir leContinue reading “Qu’est-ce que la lumière encastrable ?”

Best Free Online Form Builder Tools

Online Forms play a vital role in lead generation process, as with the help of online forms we can gather the prospect data that can convert into the leads. But the reality is people don’t leave information on every website. To get the attention of people and convince them to fill the form you needContinue reading “Best Free Online Form Builder Tools”

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is a significant way without taking up space to ad illumination o any room because these are the lights which are installed inside a ceiling wall as well as other surface directly. Recessed lighting is divided in to three in to the three main parts in which includes housing, bulb and trim. AsContinue reading “Recessed lighting”

Difference between Single sided LED Tube and double sided Led Tube

LED tube is a type of LED lamp which is used in fluorescent tube luminaires with G5 and G13 bases for replacing traditional fluorescent tubes. As compared to fluorescent tubes, energy efficiency and long service life are the most important benefits of LED tubes. Sometimes they are also referred as ‘LED fluorescent tubes’, but since the light actually comes from LED componentsContinue reading “Difference between Single sided LED Tube and double sided Led Tube”

Why LED High Bay Lights Is Important

To ensure that you can put out all the light that you want, it is important to look into LED High Bay Lights. These lights can help you light up your backyard for several reasons, but one of the main ones is that they offer you the chance to make your backyard more comfortable andContinue reading “Why LED High Bay Lights Is Important”

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