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LED tube installation guide

LED tubes or retro-fit tube lights have taken over fluorescent tubes over the last decade and rightly so for several reasons being the economically more durable option in all commercial or household settings. They use less energy as compared to fluorescent tubes which requires up to 58W.

Initially costly, but with little or no maintenance cost these led tube lights are called retrofit tube lights because they are designed to be integrated in preexisting fixtures.

Easy on wallet, easier to install.

And if you know your way around the technical details  then it saves you the electrician cost as well. And for that purpose we have this step by step led tube light installation guide for you.

Step 1: Shut down the power supply

Turn off the power supply. You wouldn’t want an electric shock as a welcoming gesture. In order to replace a live tube we must be aware of potential hazards, like tiny amounts of mercury fluorescent tubes contain so place the tube safely on a surface from where it won’t fall and break.

Step 2: Identify the ballast

 All fluorescent fixtures usually operate on ballast which are either magnetic or electric. You can identify the magnetic ballast if you’re able to hear faint buzzing or if you point your smartphone’s camera towards the light you can see black bars on the screen.

Step 3: Replacing/bypassing the ballast

Depending on the fixture and tube you purchased which can either be ballast bypass led tube or simple led tube light  with led starter. You would need to bypass or replace the ballast. Most fluorescent fixtures have starters ( a tiny cylindrical battery ) and LED tube lights have LED starters to replace them for easy installation. Once you replace it, you’re good to proceed to the next step. If you have a different fixture or tube that needs to bypass the ballast you might want a technician to do it for you.

Step 4: Replace with the LED tube

Connect your LED tube or ballast bypass led tube to the fixture. The tube generally has two ends, one is neutral and the other is live. Make sure you fix it accordingly or else it’ll short circuit.

Sometimes based on design, both connections are on one end but for that you’d need a technician to rewire and replace the lamp.

Step 5: Reconnect the fixture with power supply

Ensure that no wire is set loose. Once done, switch on the power supply and see if the light is working, leds never flicker unlike fluorescent tubes if it happens, turn off the power supply and make sure everything is in order and reconnect it again.

Step 6: Dispose off your old tube

Fluorescent tubes contain tiny amounts of mercury so they cannot be discarded with usual household waste. One option is to send it to your nearest shop from where you bought the tube from and they will take care of it. Another is to dispose of it separately and in such a way that it’s not harmful to anyone who accidentally comes in contact with it.

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Lumenco’s mission is to offer a wide range of LED lighting products that are unique and innovative in order to meet the specific needs of our clientele, all the while supporting sustainable development.

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